Rémy le Guillerm

The Art of Lightening

Off-set, transgressive, cheeky, Rémy Le Guillerm’s strange image-creations explode – in one astounding shock – all references to beautiful classical painting, seductive still lives, and even the clichés that languish on the fringes of fatigued culture. This master attention-getter’s steely humor adds distance to artistic effects that are a tad blasphemous yet superbly invented.

Beautiful references that are simultaneously always subtly respected yet sacked. A curious battle, orgasmic and invigorating, between a well spent past and an enigmatic present, ripe with the unspoken, latent presences, and symbolic blasts.

Allusive Eros crawls in the fringes of this lively and troubling creation, a bit sacrilegious, and deafeningly jubilant. And as it must be in harsh creation, Thanatos imposes his secret mark and soft embrace.

Christian Noorbergen
Art critic

Imagined Thought

Rémy Le Guillerm gives us his questions by way of photographs and sculptures of drawings.

The artist also creates fully engineered images using a savvy combination of staging in the studio and meticulous manipulation on the computer.

It’s after a lengthy process in front of the computer that the imagined image comes to light, suggesting a space to explore beyond the foreground. So behind the pleasant appearance of a pretty scene, deeper preoccupations are revealed. Rémy Le Guillerm sprinkles his work with hope and poetry, humor and mockery, even if the subject matter is serious!

Charlotte Delibrias