NENTAL intercontinental traveller

Nental is a traveller and observer of a planet that posts, displays and covers itself with images in perpetual renewal, a whirlwind of silhouettes, slogans colours and objects.

In his workshop, the whirlwind of once posted images, now torn up and recycled, become calm on the ground.

Then, in a mysterious form of alchemy, new meaning is found.  The shreds are arranged on a Plexiglas support and become a mirror of collective memories, a constellation of the fragments of dreams, the imperatives of a consumer society, its images in pieces, distorted and turned in other directions.

The arrangement of elements seems random at first, and then reveals its self, showing humour, poetry, making references and nods, but also warnings and revolt.

What does it signify, to possess and consume to an extreme?

These mirrors composed of pieces of coloured paper become vanities like the Renaissance paintings showing the emptiness of the passions and earthly belongings.

René-Charles Guilbaud, Art Historian