Michel Debully

Towards an abstraction of transparencies:

It is by observing the projection of stained glass colours that form ephemeral abstract images that his interest in pure luminous color developed.
In 1980, he defined a theory on the four primordial colors of light and began to develop an abstract pictorial work.
Light and its chromatic fields are merely vibratory energies. They need to cross transparent elements like air and water to reveal themselves to us.
The transparent aspect of the colors and its pictorial rendering are one of the important aspects of his work.
To bring transparency to color is to make it brighter and bring it closer to its original state of white light.
The transparency of the color by superposition allows transmutation of the material colour into light color.
His repertoire of forms is inspired by the often geometric primitive constructions found in nature.

Color vibration and synchronicity:

The vibrations of transparent colors associated with a great variety of geometrical forms trigger in the observer positive emotions and energies.
In his creative process, he sometimes provokes chance to obtain “happy coincidences” (Carl Gustav JUNG calls this synchronicity that is found in various fields such as quantum physics and biology).
The world is constantly changing, which encourages him to continue his plastic research into new paths and new media.
His artwork is first of all pictorial. His colorful artworks adapt to very large formats such as urban architectural cladding. In 2018, he created a mural for the Tourist Information Office of Giverny: “The breath of Iris”.
Alexis ELIEN