Max Foggéa

Image Recomposition

Deconstruction and reconstruction, those are the basis of Max Foggéa’s work. If the digital takes up a lot of room, analog shots are inserted into the compositions and a plexiglass sheet makes it possible to create several layers of light. The shot is a testimony to the moment lost while maintaining a certain reality. Thus, the new image becomes a creation that can even move towards a certain form of abstraction.

The photo recovers the exact truth of the motif however, in playing with the depth, Max thwarts this first truth. It’s then a reflection on interpretation and what each viewer believes s/he sees. It’s a warning about things that seem obvious to us.

In a world saturated with images, it’s a call to reject the obvious, a call for critical thinking.

In light of the daily assaults that certain images can provoke, Max Foggéa pleads for more sensitivity, more sensuality. The looks that his latest creations seem to question our individual and collective acts.

Lucien Ruimy