Marie-Laure Mallet-Melchior

A train to go across time…

« A train on an iron bridge, other trains passing each other. Or rails as a testimony of industrial activity which can be intimated along the tracks thanks to buildings flanked at times by high chimneys.

A testimony or maybe a challenge to parallels and the idea of the infinite carried by them no matter the chosen track? In any case there are in Marie-Laure Mallet-Melchior’s paintings the components of a ceaseless movement, crossing paths, of travels in unknown sites which yet are recognized as images of an epoch, current or not.

Then come memories accumulated in a haphazard way during journeys, drawn from a more or less foggy memory like landscapes through the window of a train…Like the painting which in the end is offered to our vision that can be devoted to blurriness by either adding or subtracting elements or colors and thus become a mine of forgotten emotions in our innermost core which are suddenly roused by this artistic exploration. »

Étienne Ribaucour
Art critic

Marie-Laure Mallet-Melchior exhibits regularly in Europe.