Françoise Peslherbe

« Françoise Peslherbe practices photomontage with a corrosive and devastating humor, which does not exclude pages of emotion and sentimentality. She watches her fellow men and women and their environment, captures the expressions, the lighting, the invisible details of most of them, diverts them and gives them a whole new meaning. Each of her compositions is a fragment of a societal study which questions our habits and our way of apprehending our daily lives.
In Françoise Peslherbe’s works, impersonal concrete structures, road signs and street furniture become elements of an irrational world in which colorful characters play an unexpected partition, enter into the spirit of seemingly trivial games, but with the application and the seriousness characteristic of important projects. They give a tangy, unexpected and offbeat touch to ambient greyness, half-opening the door to other ways of looking at our environment. »

Louis Doucet
Collector and art critic