Adrienne Arth

Adrienne Arth works on “edges” between the intimate and the public, the real and its metamorphosis, always on this thread of fragility specific to the moment when the photo reports on the world as well as liberates it from itself with an offset writing. She feels an affinity with photographers like John Batho, Mario Giacomelli, Saul Leiter.

Her photos are stage sets, where the living appear like figures, tension lines, colors games. Where blurred areas soften the outlines of things and beings. Reflections, glass surfaces, snow or rain display a veil on her landscapes which are between reality and imagination. Each snapshot has its own life and creates a polyphony with the others.

Working with colors and almost exclusively in direct drive, except in the series “overlays” designated as such, Adrienne Arth questions the real in its evidence and its surprise with an immediate and inquiring image.

Adrienne Arth has been exhibiting for over ten years in France and abroad whether in galleries, in shows or artistic paths.

Published works:
Paysages de Cerveau, texts by C. Ber, photos by A. Arth, published by Fidel Anthelme X, 2015; Méditerranée, d’une terre à L’autre, published by Amandier, 2007; Méditation de Lieux, published by Amandier, 2010; Poètes dans la Nature, commissioned by PNR; published by Amandier, 2011; Le Contre-Annuaire, published by 11-13 Editions, December 2012.