About us

« Art is the shortest path from human to human. »
André Malraux

Founded in 2017, ARTKHEIN aims at promoting contemporary artistic creation by making it more accessible and alive. ARTKHEIN wanted to take a fresh look at the relationship between the artist-collector-business, to modernize and simplify it in-depth.

Indeed, it seemed clear that current access to art no longer met the true needs of the market of the 21st century whether in support of artists’ work or meeting with art lovers, collectors and businesses.

ARTKHEIN strives to offer new means for dialogue: inviting art into your private, professional or public venues.

The aim is to create a link, to use art as a means of communication and to bring artistic diversity and wealth, quite simply, right next to you.

Meeting the photo artist Olivier de Cayron, co-founder of the Transfiguring movement proved to be decisive. ARTKHEIN’s DNA for “visual artists” was grounded.

The selection of our artists – photo artists and sculptors known for their singular approaches – is testimony to the desire for quality and participation in the new millenium.